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Faith Like a Child and my 2nd Pregnancy!

We prayed and He answered. Our second little blessing to set to arrive in April! Our little family is extremely excited and Posh Tot seems to really understand that she will be a BIG SISTER soon! She also seems to understand that this little baby is truly a gift from God. Throughout the ups and downs of the first trimester, one thing was clear to me - children are born with faith. They believe with their whole hearts everything that is said to them. So when we started talking about the possibility of our growing family - we reminded Posh Tot that this is something we could pray about. In the early stages, ever so often Posh Tot would ask, "Is that a baby in your belly or your dinner?" Of course we would laugh, but we would always reply that, " We don't know yet, we have to pray to Jesus about it." Then she would bat her eyes and look up to the sky and say, "Dear Jesus, I pray that you will give mommy a baby - please Jesus - AMEN."

When the day came to tell Posh Tot of the good news she simply replied, "See I asked Jesus for a baby and he said YES!" And those days where I would hormonally cry on my way home from work completely overwhelmed with the "all-day sickness", she would call out to me and tell me, "Mommy, Jesus wants you to have this baby -It's okay." It was a precious reminder to have faith and to trust God with the process.

Now, that she is beginning to understand that praying is simply talking to God. She has been regularly asking him that he gives her a sister instead of a brother! Now if we could all have faith like a 3 year old, imagine the world we would live in!

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