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Our 2015 Family Year in Review!

As usual it has been a busy year for our Family! The months have been filled with laughter, joy, and some tears. This year we strived to teach little Posh Tot to give Thanks to the Lord for He has been so good to us and His Love endures forever!

Top 5 Blessings:

1. Summer vacation to Hawaii

2. 7th Wedding Anniversay

3. 7th year of teaching for Mrs. Posh

4. Mr. Posh is drumming again!

5. Spent the holidays in Texas

Catching up with Posh Tot

Posh Tot had a fun Curious George themed 2nd birthday party. She was a flower girl for a dear friend's wedding. Posh Tot adored her ballet class this summer. She also had her first dental visit and had zero sick visits to the doctor. She has been making many friends and learning Spanish at day care. Posh Tot loves the color pink, Peppa Pig, cheeseburgers, singing and dancing.

Goals for 2016

Continue to save for our first home.

Enjoy the Super Bowl 50 festivities in our neighborhood!

Spend more time outdoors.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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