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4 Tips for Running Errands with a Toddler!


Our little shopping buddy!

Running errands at places like Target, Costco, and or the grocery store have always been a family affair in our household. It was our way of spending time together and making the daunting task of getting essentials more enjoyable. So when Posh Tot came along over 2 years ago, we didn't stop running errands as a family. She accompanied us on our first trip to the store when she was only 5 days old! We didn't really plan it that way, but on our way home from Posh Tot's first doctor’s appointment we realized we needed to go to the store. We snapped the car seat into the stroller, draped a light blanket over it, and slung the diaper bag over the handle. After we carefully made our way around the store, we promptly packed up the car and went on our way. First errand completed as a family of 3! Done!

Over two years later, we have completed many successful errands! Although there has been failed attempts leading us to head straight home with empty carts- those times are few and far between. We also learned how to navigate a store with just one of us with Posh Tot! As both of us are working parents, we also learned how to get errands done on our lunch breaks and after daycare dropoff and before pickup! Through these experiences we picked up a few other Errand Running Tricks along the way:

1. Use

Amazon Prime is our best friend! It is very much worth it to us for the free 2-day shipping alone. Whenever I need something, the first thing I consider is if Amazon sells it. The answer is usually yes! They sell almost everything and for a reasonable price. If it is something I do not need right away, I usually order it through Amazon and find it on our doorstep two days later. It's also great for ordering gifts that you need to buy for a party!

2. Use Google Express

When purchasing non-perishable food items, diapers, wipes, household essentials (e.g. toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies) I usually use Google Express. It is a service that delivers to your doorstep items from popular stores like Costco, Target, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and many more. The items are the same price as they would be in the store. After the 3-month free trial period, we currently pay about $10/month for this service.


Essential items from Costco and Whole Foods delivered to our door!

3. Use the Curbside App

This is currently a free App service that allows you to shop from your phone at stores like Target. About two hours after you place your order on your phone you can drive up to the Curbside location outside the store and get the items you ordered without ever leaving the car. This is especially helpful when I know exactly what I need from Target and Posh Tot is napping in the car. If you use my code YYHRM you'll GET $10 OFF your purchase of at least $20 at local stores like Target and get FREE #Curbside pickup.


She fell asleep on our way to Target!

IMG_2995 (2)_edited.png

Good thing we didn't have to get out of the car to get what we needed!

4. Distraction is key!

When ordering online or through an app service is not possible for things like fresh produce, distraction is our number one way to get through the task! You know those obnoxious grocery carts with the kid car attached to them? Use it! We are usually able to distract Posh Tot into thinking she is playing cars when we buckle her into it! The mini kids carts found at some grocery stores are also a wonderful distraction for Tots. On a good day, we can get Posh Tot to follow us around with the mini cart. She feels so proud when we let her pick things out to put in her very own cart! Another way to get extra shopping minutes is to distract Posh Tot with a snack. This trick can usually buy me about 10 extra minutes of uninterrupted shopping time! When we go to places that have a toy department, I usually let Posh Tot walk over to that area first, pick out a couple books or toys and let her play with it in the cart while I shop.


Posh Tot loves to shop with Mommy and Daddy!

What are your tricks for getting errands done with a toddler? Do you even attempt to shop with your little one?

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