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We've Moved! Toddler Moving Tips

moving day.jpg

Our little family has been so busy these past few weeks! The day before Thanksgiving we packed up our little apartment for good and moved into a house about 20 miles south! Living in San Francisco and the Peninsula has been good to us these past 6 years. But it was time to make it back down to the area where Mr. Posh and I started our marriage! So far we love all the extra space and the slightly lower cost of living!


Unpacking the morning after Move Day!

Moving with a tot is never easy, but there are a couple of things that we did that sure made it easier:

1. Rent Plastic Moving Boxes!

We rented plastic boxes from ZippGo. Packing and unpacking with these boxes was a breeze! Prices were comparable to purchasing new cardboard boxes and tape but without the headache and hassle of buying and making all of the boxes. You can rent them by the week. We chose to rent them for one week. The Saturday before we moved they delivered 50 boxes to our front door. Since we only have a few days to unpack we really got the bulk of the unpacking done within 36 hours of moving in! I believe when you have a short deadline you're likely to get things done faster. If we went the traditional route we would still have boxes sitting in the garage unpacked months after we moved in! When we were done with the boxes, ZippGo came and picked them up. It was like they were never there!


Posh Tot packing all her animals.

2. Have a Separate Adult in Charge of your Tot!

As much as I love to spend time and be available for Posh Tot, moving day is a time to recruit a family member or hire a babysitter! Even though we always hire professional movers, Mr. Posh and I still work just as hard that day! We like to be available to supervise and make sure everything is unloaded correctly. Plus there are always things that come up throughout the day that we need to be hands-on for.

When Posh Tot woke up on moving day we had Auntie Posh pack up her car with all of Posh Tots favorite toys and supplies needed for the day. Then the two of them headed to the new place to get out of the movers way. Once they were at the new place they had fun exploring the big empty house! When the movers arrived to unload the truck they spent the afternoon exploring the neighborhood.

3. Pack Essentials in Clear Boxes!

All essentials that we needed to get through a weekend were packed in clear plastic storage boxes! We bought a ton of extra boxes from Costco that we would later use to organize our garage with. Some things we put in there were a couple changes of clothes, bathroom supplies, a set of sheets, and a couple towels. For Posh Tot, we packed most of her bathroom/diaper supplies and clothes in these bins so we could easily see them .

4. Set up and Unpack the Tot's Room First!

Since this is such a big change for little ones, we found that setting up Posh Tot's room on move-in day was key. She surprisingly did so well the first night! Maybe it was because she recognized her bed and all the same things that she used to have in her old room. We also made it a point to talk about her room a lot and to show her exactly where Mommy and Daddy's room. Thay way she would know how to get there when she woke up the next morning.

reagans room.jpg

Posh Tot's new room so far!

Overall, we are very happy with our decision to move further away from the city. We feel that this is a great change for our family! Here's to hoping we don't have to do it again anytime soon!


Posh Tot enjoying all the extra run-around room!

Plus no one is below us anymore!


Able to sprawl out!

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