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Sensitive Skin Products for Posh Tot

Over the summer, Posh Tot started showing mild signs of what the doctor thinks is eczema! So far it has only showed up in the creases of her inner elbows and the backs of her knees. When it appears it looks like a dry reddish rash that can sometimes be itchy for her! At one point it was so itchy, the word "id-chy" became her new word of the day!


In an attempt to try to alleviate the discomfort, I did a complete revamp of the products we use for our sensitive-skinned Posh Tot!

1. New Laundry Detergent: Since Posh Tot was a newborn we have always washed her clothes together with our clothes. We've always used the ECOS Liquid Laundry Detergent with no issues until now. After doing some research, it was recommended that we try All Free & Clear. In addition to using this new detergent, I started washing loads with her clothes in it with an extra rinse cycle to make sure that as much detergent as possible is removed from her laundry.


2. Fabric Softener Alternative: Instead of using Downey, I am now using plain old Vinegar! There are fewer chemicals, it's more affordable, and your clothes come out soft! I usually just put a splash in the dispenser (about 1/4 cup). Don't worry the clothes do not come out smelling like vinegar!


3. New Dryer Sheets: Since I started to use vinegar with most loads, I probably don't even need dryer sheets with the laundry! But I still love to use them and was happy to see some options for sensitive skin at the store. I picked up a box of All Free & Clear Sensitive Skin Dryer Sheets.


4. New Shampoo and Body Wash: Previously we have been using the Honest Shampoo and Body Wash. One reason why I switched is that the Honest soap wasn't fragrance free. Although the sweet orange vanilla scent smelled heavenly on Posh Tot, I didn't want to take a chance on the fragrance being the reason why her skin would get rashes. So I switched over to the California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash! It's been allergy tested and free of those nasty chemicals. Even though it's fragrance free Posh Tot still comes out of her baths smelling fresh and clean!


Since using the new products, I have not noticed her little rashes appearing as often. So hopefully between sticking to these sensitive-skin friendly products and applying Aquaphor to the dry area it will keep the "id-chyness" at bay and her skin clear!

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