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Cooking at Home with Posh Tot: Gobble Review

When coming home from work, the last thing you want to think about is "What's for dinner?" With Gobble, 3 out of the 5 days were already planned and prepped for us!


What is Gobble?

Gobble delivers all the ingredients you need for three meals to cook at home. Basically they plan the menu, do all the shopping, prep and precook some of the food, deliver it to you, and last you cook some really delicious meals at home. Each dinner kit is designed to take 10 minutes to cook in 1 pan.


How does it work?

Each week you are sent a box of three meals and simple recipe cards to go along with all of the ingredients. You can select enough food for 2 people or 4 people to be sent to you. The meal for two was usually enough food for two adults and our Posh Tot. The meals deliver to your door by 5pm and it’s all kept cool in an insulated box with freezer packs. So if it delivers before you get home everything will still be cold for a few hours. Each meal is about $11.95 per person.

Why we liked it:

  • Alleviated the stress of thinking about what to do about dinner during the workweek.

  • We spent less time grocery shopping and cooking.

  • Designed to take only 10 minutes to cook with a minimal amount of kitchenware used. Although after cooking 6 different dinner kits, none of them took Mrs. Posh and Mr. Posh only 10 minutes to cook. On average it took 15-20 minutes to cook. Which is still an impressively low amount of time to spend in the kitchen for us.

  • All the kits have locally-sourced ingredients that are pre-chopped, pre-portioned, and par-cooked.

  • There were a good variety of different types of healthy meals that we would never think to cook ourselves.

  • There's no commitment, you can opt in or out of whichever weeks you like.

  • No wasting of food since you only receive the exact amount you need.

  • Our whole family, including Posh Tot thought the meals were delicious!

  • Gobble is a local company based in Menlo Park, CA!

Why we won't use it every week:

  • Price per person seems high when comparing it to traditional grocery shopping.

  • Not too much of savings when you compare it to eating out at a casual restaurant and the priceless service you get when you don't have to do the cooking, serving, or cleaning!

  • No leftovers to have for a second meal, which we usually have when we cook on our own or when we get take out (Chinese food!).

  • Some of the meals needed to be supplemented with an extra veggie or salad for a more satisfying portion.

  • Sometimes our workweeks are spontaneous and we just don't know when and if we'll all be home for dinner!

Want to give it a try? Here are two free meals!

Sample of 3 different meals we cooked with Gobble:

1. Sole Meuniere with Sunburst Squash


A nice change from our typical salmon or tilapia recipes!



Posh Tot says "yum yum!"

2. Pan Seared Chicken with Heirloom Tomatoes


Everything that came with the dinner kit.


Picked up some fresh string beans to make an additonal side!




Posh Tot also tried a little of everything.

3. Flank Iron Steak with Chimichurri Sauce


Each meal comes with everything with the exception of water and oil for the pan!


Everything sizzling in the pan.


Would have never attempted this dish on our own!

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